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What makes KMS Sheds different?
We love building sheds. We love helping people design a shed to meet their needs–all the small details that make a difference. Whether it's customizing the shelves to fit your belongings, choosing colors to coordinate with your home or creative desires, choosing the design and placement of the shed to enhance your home and back yard, or placing the windows to let in the most light, that's what we enjoy.


Do you give free estimates?
Yes. That's the best part about this process–meeting with you to see how we can find the shed that fits your needs in design, colors and price.


My lot is closed in by a fence and difficult to have a shed delivered. Can I still get a KMS shed?
A KMS shed is the perfect solution! We custom build all of our buildings with no prebuilt parts. All of our materials are delivered to the site by hand or wheelbarrow.


My lot is not level. Will that be a problem?
No. We level each of our buildings with concrete blocks. We use a 2 inch block at the highest point, then build up the rest of the floor with larger sizes as needed. We take special care to dig deep enough to reach clay and level the blocks to provide a secure foundation under our pressure treated 4x4 runners. We find this prevents sinking in almost all cases, even when used for very heavy equipment.

Do you have a display lot?
We custom build each of our buildings on site taking special care to chose straight, premium lumber for each shed we build. We set up an appointment to look at your lot, discuss the best options for size and location, answer your questions, bring pictures of design ideas and samples of materials to match your siding and shingles. We find this especially helpful if you have to meet the requirements of a homeowners association.

By eliminating the 3rd party of having a shed shipped in from another state or built on a shed lot and then shipped to you–plus the expense of maintaining the lot–we are able to pass the savings on to you in either price, upgrade of materials and quality of workmanship.

How long has KMS been in business?
KMS got it's start almost 30 years ago building custom homes.
In 1996, we applied our home building skills to building quality storage sheds. We have enjoyed building just sheds now for 18 years.

What is included in a KMS shed?
All of our sheds come with pressure treated floor joists and runners and 23/32 sturdifloor and are carefully leveled on concrete blocks to the contour of your land. A ridge vent is included on all sheds. We find this gives the best venting for lawn mowers and power tools. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, use premium materials and caulk each shed to seal out moisture. And to store your belongings, we let you design your free workbench and shelf.

The only extra items you may need to add are windows and ramps. Some companies include inexpensive shed windows. We feel that a shed should look more like an extension of your home. We use Pella's Thermastar windows which give our buildings a lasting look of elegance. Our ramps are custom built to the contour of your land using pressure treated 2x6 boards. See Options.

Can you tear down and remove my existing shed?
Yes. When we come to your home to look at your lot, we can give you a price depending on the size and materials in your old shed.

What is the warranty on your sheds?
10 years. Most of the building products we use have individual warranties ranging from 10-50 years. But these warranties depend on the workmanship that goes into building a shed. We take pride in paying close attention to construction and detail, including caulking to insure proper sealing.

All of the wood products we use are carefully chosen for quality and straightness for each shed we build. We use pressure treated 4x4 runners and floor joists to prevent termite damage and rotting.

As in all warranties, proper care and maintenance is the key - that includes re-caulking and painting as needed and keeping the area clean around the shed as debris holds moisture that could damage your shed.

Do you paint your wooden sheds?
Normally we do not offer paint as an option, but we are working on that possibility. We prefer paint to stain. We find that given thick coats of semi-gloss exterior paint (we like Behr), your shed tends to look better and last longer. Call 703-980-6611 for a quote.

Do you have references?
We have an extensive reference list and can usually find a customer in your area who is happy to show you their KMS shed.


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